Airport:  O’Hare International Airport is a 45-minute drive from the conference.


Arrive early: Delegates are urged to leave the hotel for Trinity by 7:30 in order to find your table and to set up your computer.


Book display: Bring samples of your favorite titles. There will be a table to display them.


Books to take Home: Leave room in your luggage for books provided by Africa Speaks.


Church:  If available, schedule La Quinta shuttle for transportation to a local church. Otherwise you may need to use a taxi.


Dress:  Business casual.


Electricity: See Power.


Exercise:  Exercise facilities are provided at La Quinta and at Trinity.


Hotel to Trinity Distance: The walk between La Quinta and Trinity is about five minutes. In case of bad weather, reserve the La Quinta shuttle. You must reserve 30 minutes in advance.


Meals: Breakfast is provided daily at La Quinta. Conference meals are provided at Trinity beginning with Monday dinner and ending with lunch on Thursday. Dinner on Tuesday will be offsite. We will go by bus for Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. See Schedule. Remaining meals are delegate’s responsibility. Transport to restaurants can be arranged at La Quinta front desk.


Medical Emergency: In case of medical emergency at hotel, call front desk and ask for Bonnie Cain. If at Trinity, look for Bonnie Cain, staff.


Meet with other Delegates: Delegates are encouraged to meet prior to the conference to discuss how they might cooperate towards a flourishing publishing industry in Africa. The lounge in the Waybright Center at Trinity, and space at La Quinta, will be available for this purpose. If you have questions, contact Karen Perlman or Edward Elliott.


Photography and Video: Interviews and parts of the conference will be videotaped. A photo will be taken of all participants and provided to you.


Pool at La Quinta:  You are welcome to use the indoor swimming pool at


Power:  You may need an adapter plug to use electricity in the USA. Specific information is available on the Internet. Adapters are NOT available at La Quinta or at Trinity.


Registration:  Delegates will register on Monday at Trinity Waybright Center, 15:00 – 16:45. Someone will be at the registration desk until dinner for late arrivals.


Relaxation: Beginning Sunday, delegates are welcome to use the lounge at Trinity Waybright Center and the coffee lounge at La Quinta.


Seating Assignments: Delegates will have an assigned seat at each session. Your seating assignment may change from session to session.


Shopping: It will NOT be possible to go shopping from 15:00 Monday through 14:30 Thursday. For shopping prior to or after Africa Speaks, schedule La Quinta shuttle.


Telephone:  If you need to make a call home, international service will be available. See Bonnie Cain, staff.


Translation: Simultaneous translation will be provided in French and English. Headphones will be used.  During meals, when translation is needed look for someone whose nametag designates them as a translator.


Transportation: La Quinta provides free shuttle service. You must make reservations at the front desk 30 minutes in advance.


Weather: Early forecasts predict cold weather during Africa Speaks. There will be coats to borrow if you haven’t brought one.


Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available at both La Quinta and Trinity. Neither requires a password.


Worship:  Africa Speaks will begin 16:45 on Monday with worship at Trinity Waybright Center. Each morning will begin with worship, and on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings you are invited to gather around the fireplace at Trinity for music, prayer and worship.